Simplify, all your company's needs in a single software

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Centralized, on line and accessible from anywhere with any  device

Apps are perfectly integrated with each other and allow you to optimize and track everything you do from only one tool. With three different hosting options Odoo adapts to every company's needs.

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Adaptable to your company's needs no matter the size

Select the modules you need with the possibility to do the necessary adaptations. Add apps according to your company's growth.  

First level user experience with a natural adaptation

Intuitive software, easy to navigate even for users without technical knowledge. It updates easily and meets the company's complex needs without needing to be complicated. 


Business Scope/ User-Friendly Leader

Implementing an ERP/CRM in your company is a big step towards  organising and optimising the way in which you do business. 

Being and open-source ERP/CRM Odoo has managed to become the biggest ecosystem with completely integrated business apps in the world. Furthermore this allows Odoo to adapt quickly to the changing world staying updated.

   Custom Integration

                              More than 30 apps that adapt to your business's needs

         CRM                         SALES                         PROJECT                 INVENTORY           POINT OF SALES  

WEBSITE BUILDER      TIMESHEET                ACCOUNTING             EXPENSES                      MRP 

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