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Our purpose is to contribute our experience to the design and implementation of business processes that support the institutionalisation of small, medium and big companies. Improving their efficiency and cost effectiveness through the automatisation of their processes with the implementation of the system Odoo ERP/CRM.

We are Odoo Gold Partners in México, experts in the implementation, administration and development of the system. Our experience in multiple sector has taught us that an enterprise administered with and adequate tool will always be more cost effective, successful and will transcend time.  
"If you don't change at the rhythm that technology changes then technology changes you."


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Traditional Implementation vs ANFEPI Implementation               
  • Programmer    Implementator Consultant  Final User
  • High level of understanding and code programming
  • Difficult communication between Technician and Final Users
  • Need for an Implementator Consultant as an interpreter between the Final User and the Programmer
  • Final User is 100% immerse between consultants to solve questions, test concepts and make decisions 
  • Knowledge leaves with the Implementator creating a future dependancy need
  • Expert Configurator      Final Implementator User 
  • Configuration of functionalities with interfase and automatic code generators
  • Turn on and off of configurations through interactive menus to achieve functionalities
  • The final user "Super User" is part of the implementator team and the level of commitment and motivation are very high
  • Knowledge stays at home
  • Employees acquire new knowledge and understand with precision how their work affects the rest of the organisation
  • Strengthening of the process maps by "Super Users"

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